Your requirements, our software.


Applications in the industry

MCv4.industry for the mail order business. This lean software tool is ideal for use in quality control / dispatch control.

Document your procedural processes with minimal effort.

Class review

Training and teaching

Improve the results of your teaching and training with easy and convenient recording.

Deepen the results with an individual and detailed debriefing of all relevant details using the video recording.

Use the video material for training videos or similar.

Interrogation recording

Interrogations and interviews

Document the course of interrogations and interviews. Legally secure and usable in court.

Analyse further details of the conversation at any time afterwards.

Tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions and exact wording are documented for further use.

Training and education rooms


Take your training rooms to a new level.

Show your trainees how they behaved in the training room. Use the opportunities for much more intensive debriefing than before.

Provide trainees with "your personal video recording" as a sense of achievement after graduation.

Therapy recording

Aufzeichnung einzelner oder wiederholter Sitzungen

Record your sessions with our convenient software.

Compare procedures and behaviour with previous recordings.

Do the patient's signs change with medical conditions such as dementia?

Live broadcast

City hall or state parliament stream

Stream your meetings live from the council chamber, etc.

Reduce the number of people present without restricting access to the meeting (Corona).

Show transparency by making public meetings accessible to everyone...

Simulation recording

Recording and live supervision during training

Support of training through simulations e.g. in the medical field, police training, fire brigade, nursing staff, flight attendants, OSCE examination procedure recording with QR and much more.

Recording of integrated video signals.

Recording of external devices, if they provide a video signal.