Mobile hard- and software packages

Background info why there is such a thing

Key moments

Those moments that can change one's own life or even an entire society. The fate of Jakob von Metzler, the banker's son who was abducted and later murdered in 2002, definitely belongs in this category. The case of the eleven-year-old boy set a rethinking process in motion after his murderer filed a lawsuit against the police's interrogation methods and was proven right. What happened back then should not be able to be
be repeated. "That is why the interrogation records must not raise any doubts about the
about the interrogation techniques of the officers. All records must be transparent and admissible in court". 


Mobile hard- and software packages

Intuitive video recording of conversation situations

Our mobile hardware and software packages offer you the possibility of simple and intuitive video recording of conversation situations in a wide range of situations.

Our focus here is on both user-friendly operation and the security of your recordings up to the point where they can be used in court.

Of course, data security is of interest to you. The BSI has published the following statement on this subject:

Quote: "The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has therefore examined the general security features and the possibilities for secure use of the devices and in particular the operating systems iOS and iPadOS. The examination confirms the effectiveness of the embedded security functions and comes to the conclusion that the applications for e-mail, calendar and contacts integrated in commercially available iPhones and iPads are an addition to the existing portfolio of secure mobile solutions, even when processing classified information in the category "official use only"." End of quote

You can read the complete text in the corresponding press release (see link).

Multi Capture - MCv4 iOS


The MCv4 (ios) software is an iPad-based video recording application for creating video material that can be used in court.

The internal cameras and the microphone of the iPad are used for this purpose. Alternatively, an external Bluetooth microphone with integrated loudspeaker can be connected.

For court usability and as protection against manipulation, additional hash values are calculated when saving the recordings so that manipulations of the files can be displayed.

The iOS version of our software is available both as a pure software solution and as a complete set including hardware.

Direct export to MCC for central management of all recordings from all iPads in the inventory.

During recording and playback, different markers can be set, which can be jumped to as an index. Each recording can be described with self-created information fields.

- Recordings are assigned to a project or event.
- Recordings receive a time stamp and, if desired, the location of the recording.
- Recordings can be circumscribed with predefined as well as individual information fields.
- Recordings can be provided with several, different markers.
- Project and recording titles can be freely edited.
- Up to 10 individual information fields can be created and edited.
- Markers can be created during recording and playback.
- Markers are editable.
- Deleting projects or individual recordings is possible.
- Projects can be saved on a NAS or connected external drive.
- Exported projects can be imported into Multi Capture Center and Multi Capture v4 (PC).


We offer a discount for major customers with 100 licences or more. Please ask us for a personal offer.




  • easy handling
  • easy to set up in just a few steps
  • mobile use, but can also be used in fixed rooms
  • time-saving, quick use
  • brief instructions and documentation in German
  • Setting and managing markers in the recordings
  • Management of metadata for projects and recordings
  • Compatible data export to MCC
  • Encrypted storage of audio and video data on the iPad
  • Package output with audio for transcription
  • Court-usable original recording
  • Examination report

Scope of delivery

  • Carrying case
  • iPad incl. protective cover
  • Charger with cable
  • Boundary microphone
  • Tripod
  • Tablet holder
  • Quick start guide

Areas of application

  • Video record of investment and financial counselling sessions
  • Recording of therapy sessions
  • Video record of the recording of a complaint
  • Recording of interrogations
  • Video record of any conversations and interviews

Ideal for:

  • Therapists
  • Financial advisers
  • Care services
  • Police
  • Courts
  • location scouts
  • etc.

Foreign languages



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Start Recording

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Recording without preview

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Colour picker for markers

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List of recordings


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